The Lesson

Our astonishing journey leads here to

The Lesson:

We come,  from the stars. 

We are the star people.

Our ancestors thought the world was a small, flat patch of earth floating between primordial waters and the sky above. They had no knowledge of planets, stars and galaxies - or countless worlds beyond the clouds. They had no knowledge of the tiny cells that make up our bodies and all life. Their worldview was a stage with some angry puppetmaster pulling the strings - a world of gods and goddesses, angels and demons, heavens and hells, magic and superstition.  And they thought that the Earth and its humans were the center of the 

Now we have learned that reality reaches far beyond our little planet,
in a universe grander than what we imagined, perhaps beyond what we can imagine.
As we learn more and more, no wonder scientists are astonished and so emotional.

Thus we learn: science informs our hearts as much as our brains.
There are great forces at work in our universe, including:

    Gravity - that holds the earth and stars together, and
    Love - that holds life together.

First, About physical forces:

We live in a dynamic universe powered by change.
Everything changes: 
     planets, stars and galaxies - 
         atoms, molecules and cells - 
             flowers, trees and people.
There is life here. There is love here. . . . and mysteries.
We come, we go. Everything comes, everything goes. 
It’s natural. It’s astonishing. It’s even beautiful.

Yes, our universe is held together by mighty forces:
    gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear forces. 
These lead to small things: atoms, molecules, to cells and us living things.
Also to giant things: whales, planets, stars, even systems of galaxies.
All spanning billions of years of space and time, trillions of galaxies, countless stars.

Second, About emotional and intellectual forces:

Life has a restless yearning called love: 
    our desire to belong, connect -
       to connect to each other, and
           to belong 
here, in this place.

We are still struggling to understand the mighty forces of life and love:
How all living things feel a mighty force called kinship,
How trees care for their seedlings like mothers nursing their babies,

Love holds life together like gravity holds the earth and stars together.
Love binds life.

We are drawn to each other like stars attract planets:

For small creatures such as we,
the vastness [of this universe]
is bearable only through love.”
— Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan

“Love is wise and hatred is foolish.”
   - Bertrand Russell


The stars made
    the iron pounding in our blood,
        the calcium in our bones,
            the air we breathe.

Life came from the stars,
    launching us on a surprising journey.
Each of us must let go of that life one day,
    setting it free to return to the stars.

Life has a restless yearning called love: 
    our desire to belong, connect -
       to connect to each other, and
           to belong 
here, in this place.

Life has many faces.
  When we look into one of life's faces - someone we love,
     we connect to life - and love - eternal.


Rise up, follow me
I will lead you home.

The Road Home

    music: Stephen Paulus

    lyrics: Michael Dennis Browne

Tell me, where is the road

I can call my own,

That I left, that I lost

So long ago?

All these years I have wandered,

Oh when will I know

There's a way, there's a road

That will lead me home?

After wind, after rain,

When the dark is done,

As I wake from a dream

In the gold of day,

Through the air there's a calling

From far away,

There's a voice I can hear

That will lead me home.

Rise up, follow me,

Come away, is the call,

With the love in your heart

As the only song;

There is no such beauty

As where you belong;

Rise up, follow me,

I will lead you home.


Who  comes?
We come,  from the stars.
We are the star people.


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