A Gate Opens - I Hear a Voice.

The Pumphouse and the Devil

Once, when I was about 6 or 8, Tavie  - my great aunt Octavia King - understandably tried to scare me away from a dangerous place at my grandfather's farm - the pumphouse. So she told me that the devil lived in the pumphouse. She believed all that Hellfire and Brimstone stuff taught to us children in the Deep South.


But this warning may have had the opposite effect from what she intended - It created in me an urge to get a look for myself.  I came back later, looked in the  pumphouse, and found no devil.
Then I understood: The devil was bogus - and probably the rest of religion too !

So I began to wonder: How many other bogus things had I been taught? Or, on the other hand, maybe not all of religion was bogus. Religion taught conflicting things: "Love thy neighbor” but also "Kill everything that breathes.” But it also taught of hearing the "still small voice". So I started by listening. 

As the devil faded away, I envisioned things beyond the pumphouse, 
                           a voice called, a gate opened and I stepped through:

Another great Brendan Graham song - The Voice - here performed by Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman.

The Voyage Begins:

As a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so now I was on my way on a voyage of discovery - unintended, certainly unexpected, but nevertheless a voyage like those of Columbus and Magellan, or Darwin sailing on HMS Beagle.


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