A Gate Opens - I Hear a Voice.

The Pumphouse and the Devil

When I was about 6 or 8, Tavie  - my great aunt Octavia King - tried to scare me away from a dangerous place at my grandfather's farm - the pumphouse. So she told me that the devil lived in the pumphouse.

But this warning created in me an urge to get a look for myself.  
I came back later, looked in the  pumphouse, and found no devil.
Then I understood: The devil was bogus - and probably the rest of religion too !

So I wondered: How many other bogus things had I been taught? 
Religion taught:
"Love thy neighbor” but also "Kill everything that breathes.” 
It also taught of hearing the "still small voice". So I started by listening. 

As the devil faded away,  a voice called, a gate opened and I stepped through:
           [remember this voice. We'll hear it again.]

Another great Brendan Graham song - The Voice - here performed by Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman.

The Voyage Begins:

As a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so now I was on my way on a voyage of discovery - unintended, certainly unexpected, but nevertheless a voyage like those of Columbus and Magellan, or Darwin sailing on HMS Beagle.


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