The Unfolding

The Unfolding:

The sword of Orion opens the doors of the sky.
from the Pyramid Texts


These are not stars but galaxies like our Milky Way.
There are trillions of galaxies in the sky, each with billions of stars.
This is a small region near the North Pole,

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Here is music for the silent video above:
pleni sunt caeli = the heavens are full

— What do the stars have to tell us ? What have they seen?
     These our starry companions through space and time ? 

—  Did they see the iron pounding in our blood - forged in stars before our sun?
      Did they make the calcium in our bones and the air we breathe?

—  Did they find lucky little Earth hiding in a quiet corner? 

—  And blowing cosmic winds,
          did they wander across the sky like sowers,
              sprinkling down upon Earth the seeds of life?

__ And do they laugh at / with us trying to comprehend this vast cosmos
            with our little minkey brains?


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