The Unfolding

I know I am honored to be witness of so much majesty.     — Sara Teasdale

I am sitting on a patio in New Mexico. It is early spring and late afternoon. 
Trees and grass shoots have that new green. There is a warm breeze on my face. 
Next, our star the Sun sets and makes the famous New Mexico twilight. 
Gradually the day quietens, the sky darkens, and other things appear in the sky: 
First, the wanderers - the planets, next the brightest stars, and finally, as the air begins to cool, 
the sky turns deep velvet and overhead … countless stars of  our Milky Way Galaxy unfold:
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Alone in the night

On a dark hill

With pines around me 

Spicy and still,

And a heaven full of stars 

Over my head,

White and topaz

And misty red;

Myriads with beating 

Hearts of fire

That aeons

Cannot vex or tire;

The dome of heaven 

Like a great hill.

I know I

Am honored to be 


Of so much Majesty.

                                      – Sara Teasdale


If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years,  
how man would marvel and stare. -- Emerson

What do the stars have to tell us ? What have they seen ??

       - these our starry companions through time and space? 

 - Did they see the iron pounding in our blood forged in the stars before our sun? 
 - Did they find lucky little Earth hiding in a quiet corner? 
 - And did they see the cosmic winds
         — wandering among the stars like sowers with bags of seeds
         — sprinkling down upon Earth the beginnings of life?

To answer our questions, here is an overview of where I hope to take us: 

1 - Our first task: to survey the science of the last five hundred years, since Columbus crossed the Atlantic. This will give us a shared vocabulary to investigate our other goals together. If you have a science background, you may want to skim along here. 
  —   I call this The Journey.

2 - Our second task: To clean house, discarding much of what we have been taught, about what we are and how we got here. We eventually come back with what we have both  learned and unlearned. 
   — I  call this The Return

3 - Our third task: To build a new worldview, we now turn within. Oddly, we will find that we need both science and myth to build a bridge to the stars.
  — I call this - Deep Within.


Now we can proceed:

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