The Unfolding

pleni sunt caeli … the heavens are full

From my  patio in New Mexico - 
Our star the Sun sets, making the famous New Mexico twilight. 
And as the day quietens, the sky darkens and other things appear: 
first, the planets; next, the brightest stars; and then, as the air begins to cool, 
the sky turns deep velvet and countless stars and galaxies unfold,

as in Novus Magnificat, by Constance Demby:

If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years,  
how man would marvel and stare. -- Emerson


 — What do the stars have to tell us ? What have they seen ??
       —  these our starry companions through time and space? 

 —  Did they see the iron pounding in our blood forged in the stars before our sun? 
 —  Did they find lucky little Earth hiding in a quiet corner? 
 —  And did they see the cosmic winds
         — wandering among the stars like sowers with bags of seeds
         — sprinkling down upon Earth the beginnings of life?


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pulchra es, amica mea = you are beautiful, my beloved
- Song of Solomon

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