The Return

And now we have returned. Remember the tales about the great explorer seeking treasure in distant lands only to find it upon returning home? What did we bring back? What did we throw overboard? And what was here all along? 

We started out on our journey because we knew our old worldview was inadequate. What we see and what we know far exceed our childish explanations. In fact, not only the old view, but old world itself was gone. Gods and devils, magic and superstition - all gone.

Our quest took us out to the galaxies and deep into our brains. Our discoveries are humbling. After stripping away much of what we were taught by society and its religions, we need a new world view built by combining what remains with what we have learned anew.

We now know that objective reality is out there, but our ability to perceive it is limited. Our brain's powerful ability to perceive patterns, discriminating betweeen lions and bushes, preserved us on the plains of Africa and swelled our numbers to billions today. Indeed, its ability to make new ideas out of old ones gives us powers of thinking never seen before.  But it also often makes stuff up, seeing boogeymen where there are none - a real danger today.

We also know that we belong here. Just like the trees and rocks, the stars and galaxies. We are part of the universe and every morning when I see myself looking back in the mirror, I remember that we are the universe exploring itself.

Then how do we build a new world view? One that encompasses the wonders we have seen? One that tosses bogus baggage overboard, while saving our valuables from the past?

… One that teaches children and builds starships?

What does it all mean? Some call this search for meaning religion.

We can start by examining - Next >>>>   What We Have Learned

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