The Sky - Planets, Stars & Galaxies

The Era of the Stars - and Their Offspring - Us

Fiat Lux = Let There Be Light

We now live with our daytimes bathed in energy - sunlight - starlight from our star - the Sun. Stars began to form about 13 billion years ago, a few hundred million years after the Big Bang? Our sun is about 4.5 billion years old - middle age for a star this size. Lke all stars, one day it will burn out. One day all stars will be burned out and matter too spread out to make any more stars - leading to  a dark and cold universe. 

Here is our nearest big neighbor galaxy, M31 - the Andromeda Galaxy - about two million light years away. You can barely see it as a fuzzy spot with the human eye.
         It is similar to our own Milky Way, with hundreds of billions of stars. It is headed this way.

There are maybe a trillion galaxies like Andromeda over our head
- each with hundreds of billions of stars.

andromeda gendler big

Andromeda Galaxy - M31. Click for larger image in a new window.

If that’s not enough, Now let’s try to look at the really BIG PICTURE - the whole universe, or at least our known universe as of 2014. Here is an overview far above and beyond stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, even superclusters of galaxies - to webs made of superclusters of galaxies:

Finally, another overview - over all we know:


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