The Journey

The sword of Orion opens the doors of the sky.
from the Pyramid Texts

Another great video by Frank Gregorio, we'll see more of his work later.

— What do the stars have to tell us ? What have they seen?
     These our starry companions through space and time ? 

—  Did they see the iron pounding in our blood - forged in stars before our sun?
      Did they make the calcium in our bones and the air we breathe?

—  Did they find lucky little Earth hiding in a quiet corner? 

—  And blowing cosmic winds,
          did they wander across the sky like sowers,
              sprinkling down upon Earth the seeds of life?


With huge galaxies above us and tiny subatomic particles below us,
    billions of years before us and eternity after us,  
        the action that generates us, is not found in those extremes but in the middle - 
                - Here & Now

First we will look at big things above us:
        Time & Space, matter & energy, the sky above and the Earth - our island home.

Then we'll look at small things below us:
         Invisible Machines: particles, atoms, molecules, cells, life and us.

Finally we will talk and think about talking and thinking - what an amazing development !!. 

To understand why we are interested in the middle - the Here & Now, first remember ...


Goldilocks. Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? The little girl that wanted everything not too hot or too cold, but "Just Right?" "Just Right" applied to porridge, chairs and beds in the story. "Just Right" also applies to many physical properties of our environment and chemical processes that support life, including temperature and materials. 

For example, Because Earth is the just right distance from our Sun, water is mostly liquid here. Our bodies seem to like about 70º F or 20º C. SO … for us, "Just Right" lies in the middle, which is where we start. Also Earth is just big enough to hold on to its atmosphere and water, but not big enough to crush us like our giant neighbors Jupiter and Saturn - gas giants.

HERE - We live in the middle of space or rather the sizes of things in our universe. Above us lie mighty galaxies, even systems of galaxies and below us lie tiny cells that make up our body and even smaller things - molecules, atoms and strange particles, leading to the question: Why here? Why my size? Why in the middle? 

We will find that we may be the minimal size needed for our incredible development - thinking. But that the larger we become, the more complex we become, making it more difficult and unlikely to chain together and maintain all the events and environments which must happen to produce us.

NOW - We also live in the middle of time - the summertime of our universe. Before and after now lie its spring and fall, and later eventually its winter. Like flowers, we, and all life, even all stars, will bloom and then be gone. So our first question is: Why now? Why are complex beings like us being produced now?

We will find that the materials and environments necessary for our existence did not exist at first, but had to be fabricated by violent processes in stars or grown for billions of years in a soup of complex organic molecules to lay the foundations for each successive environment to follow. These processes took not only billions of years, but the right sequence of events.

As we proceed, be alert for two points:
1 - Our universe and even life itself is built on a few simple mechanisms. 
2 - These mechanisms are repeated and elaborated on a vast scale -
         to generate the complexity we see today. 

First we look above and below, before and after - us.

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