The Lesson

The Lesson

These are not stars, but galaxies like our Milky Way, each containing billions of stars like our sun.
So far we have found more than a trillion galaxies spinning over our heads.

This video is silent, so I added an accompaniment I like:

benedictus by Karl Jenkins, as sung by Voces8

"Equipped with his five senses,
man explores the universe around him
 and calls the adventure Science"

  --  Edwin P. Hubble

The universe is like a great library,
with walls lined with countless books,
containing all the answers we are seeking.
Learning how to read these books is called science.


The Lesson:

We live in a dynamic universe, powered by change. 
Everything changes: 
    planets, stars and galaxies - 
        atoms, molecules and cells - 
            flowers, trees and people. 
We come, we go. Everything comes, everything goes. 
There is life here. There is love here . . . and mysteries.
It’s natural. It’s astonishing. It’s even beautiful.


There is life here. There is love here . . . and mysteries.

Like all life here, these great birds came from the stars.
And as the last great bird steps onto the water,
we see that they are starships, and so are we:

 nomads of spacetime.


 “My father was a wandering Aramean.”
- Deuteronomy 26:5

Until we meet again, Deep Peace of the Shining Stars to You.  - - Gareth+

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