Footprints on the Moon

What's next, when our footprints are on the moon?

Judy Garland was my Mother's favorite singer. So now we repeat Judy's question:

If happy little bluebirds fly

        Beyond the rainbow

                Why, oh why can't I?


Cranes in the Sunset at Bosque del Apache, by Steve Yabek  -  what a great pic !!
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Cranes fly past the Moon into the Sunset ...

But we do fly over the rainbow now, don't we? - All the way to the Moon !! 

Religion flies you into buildings, but Science flies you to the Moon!

Like the cranes, this littlest explorer reaching for the rainbow shows the way ...


Note the bandaid on this explorer's elbow. But also note: she’s undeterred ….

As we go, We are leaving our footprints across the universe !!


Kenya, 1.5Million BC                                                 Moon, 1969 AD


We explore. Further and further, Like the nomads we are, we go - on and on. 
As in Vaughan Williams' / Walt Whitman's Sea Symphony, we sing:

O my brave soul, O Farther, farther sail ….

Somewhere over the rainbow - far, far beyond religion,
  - across magnificient vistas into astounding territory
    -  now past the Moon, next on out to Mars, then with little Voyager reaching for the stars
        - or further down into the cell itself, even down beneath the atoms,
            -  even deep, deep into the human heart  

We sing on our way, like Judy:

If happy little bluebirds fly

        Beyond the rainbow

                Why, oh why can't I?


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