Deep Within

Another Journey Lies Ahead, this time  …    Deep Within   ...


So far, our explorations examined what we are, where we are and where we came from - investigations outside ourselves. Now another journey lies ahead, this time inside, deep - deep within our hearts. This journey is about personal and subjective feelings rather than scientific critical thinking. Here is where religions were once meaningful. But religions were corrupted long ago for wealth and privilege and became worthless, even evil. We will have to look further than religion for what we need.

So let us begin with the saying inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. 

Here’s the Greek::               γνωθι σαυτον =  know thyself

Knowing our innermost selves is the first step to freedom, spiritual strength and maturity - 
    - One of those valuables we want to rescue from religion as it fades.

Whether you call it god, your inner compass or your radiant heart, whenever I am asked to be someone’s spiritual guide I start with two steps or lessons:
    1 - solitude, listening to oneself & learning to guide oneself from wihin, and
    2 - togetherness, learning that we belong with and learn from others, in intimacy and nurturing,
               but also learn not to be guided from outside by society or religions.

These lessons or exercises strengthen us as individuals and as a group, both involving acting independently and connecting to others to grow. I often repeat this childhood story:

It reminds me of when my father taught me to ride a bike and then a horse
              or first handed me the car keys and told me to drive.  
And so, trusting him, shaky at first, I began to pedal, then I took the reins  
              and later I began to drive, cautiously.
But then I set the course and the further I went, the steadier I became. 
        And then one day I noticed that he was not guiding the bike any more - I was.


Guiding yourself is the first step to knowing yourself,
becoming self directed  from within - proactive and in control 
instead of being reactive and directed by people, society and religion - from outside us.

Here I like the terminology of the Bahai:  A Radiant Heart:

A saying of Baha’i founder Bahá'u'lláh:

"O SON OF SPIRIT! My first counsel is this: 
Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart, 
that thine may be a sovereignty 
ancient, imperishable and everlasting”

Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart !!
What excellent advice !! But how is this done today ??
How do you guide yourself by having a radiant heart?

Jesus and my grandfather were two backwoods carpenters that were recognized for their radiant hearts - or hearts of fire as I like to call them, with strength and calm, guiding themselves and those around them, regardless of the turmoil of society. That is what I think Jesus meant when he said his "kingdom was not of this world" and taught us to recognize that we are in society’s world, but can be “not of it." 

You know, I don’t think I ever saw my grandfather lose his temper or become impatient with me, across all our years, even though people tell me that I was pretty hyper as a boy. What strength! We, you and I, can do that too. Just like my carpenter grandfather, shaping a young boy just like a piece of wood, preparing the surface, strengthening the joints, testing with a touch.

The strength of which we speak comes from inside, deep within. Just as stars ignite their hearts of fire, so can we.  It’s a choice, like happiness. Using this strength, making this choice to build our own worldview, we soon learn:

Each of us makes our own worldview, as unique as our fingerprints.

Repeating — this leads us to another journey  …    Deep Within   ...


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