The Lesson

The Lesson

benedictus qui venit in nomine domini 

The Lesson

    by Gareth Harris

I stand before the stars with their pulsing hearts of fire

and feel iron forged in their furnaces throbbing in my veins.

I see stars and galaxies, flowers and trees, children and their songs.

They bloom and flourish, come and go, in fire and love.

What do they have to tell us  -  these our companions in space and time?

Did they see the iron pounding in our blood forged in stars before our Sun?

Did they find lucky little Earth hiding in a quiet corner?

And did they feel the cosmic winds come,

  wandering among the stars like sowers with bags of seeds 

  - sprinkling down upon Earth the beginnings of life?

Look and see - great ocean waves all around us.

Waves of galaxies and stars, flowers and trees - lovers and children

Each of us are waves in that great ocean too

And though our waves are so small - 

    and the ocean of the universe so vast -

        we live and love, think and feel - touch and belong.

My wave contains trillions of  molecules and cells In a fragile skin bag

 - full of seawater from millions of years ago,

I am, or rather We are, a colony -

  all swimming, rowing together to the beat of my heart within.

They are Me.

In a million times the number of heartbeats since the dawn of time,

  you can't even count the atoms in a single pinch of the matter

    gathered in your wave, dancing their quantum dance, 

      flickering and giving you energy, form and pulse.

So how very dear is every one of us - pearls of great price -

  improbable beyond measure in the realms of space and time.

Cherishing each other as fiercely as stars burn, 

  we will even give our lives - our all - our very being - for love

    And consider it not a sacrifice, but a fulfilling experience …

        to give each other our last heartbeat.

Like my wave, every wave that has ever been, or ever will be,

    those we love and those we will never know, 

Every wave is here in this ocean of stars, flowing before and after us,

    tying us to realms of space and time and even beyond 

to realms of the heart and mind - thinking, feeling, belonging

    binding us to the realms of love

At my end - when  my heart gives its last beat

   and all my cells quit rowing to its drum,

     my music will stop - its instrument broken,

          and my song will be remembered only by those who loved me.

My Wave will crash on its final shore   

    And  free my life to fly like a bird,

       returning to the stars,
           from whence it came.


We live in a dynamic universe, powered by change.
Everything changes:
    planets, stars and galaxies -
        atoms, molecules and cells -
            flowers, trees and people.
We come, we go. Everything comes, everything goes.
It’s natural. It’s astonishing. It’s even beautiful.

                                                         —  Gareth Harris


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