2017-06-12 - Summing up, leaving theology - stone age gods, magic and superstition - behind
                       But, rescuing some notions to take with us :

Jesus mac



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They tried to bury us. They don’t know we are seeds …
— Dinos Christianopoulos


Obviously we need a better understanding of the world than what religions teach.

   - We must discard: gods & goddesses, angels & demons, griffins & unicorns, fairies & elves
   - to understand the stars and galaxies, computers and DNA of today

As you know, I often like to start with Alfred North Whitehead's statement of Jesus’ vision:

 - a new Galilean humility:

"It does not emphasize [God as] the ruling Caesar, or the ruthless moralist, or the unmoved mover. It dwells upon the tender elements in the world, which slowly and in quietness operates by love; and it finds purpose in the present immediacy of a kingdom not of this world. Love neither rules, nor is it unmoved; also it is a little oblivious as to morals. It does not look to the future; for it finds its own reward in the immediate present.”
                                                                          -- Process and Reality, Alfred North Whitehead

Where does this leave us? I suggest we rescue some of the past with new understandings:
- For example, although we no longer believe in animism - with mountains, streams and rocks being alive, we do now understand that plants communicate and trees nourish their seedlings. [50 minute video] - as in the movie “Avatar.”
 - Furthermore, we see elephants remembering their friends, and whales that live long enough to remember when we hunted them, plus dolphins and ravens solving mental problems using their intelligence.

All this new information leads us to a more holistic, whole view of this universe and our place in it, perhaps more like our stone age ancestors before society made their thoughts into institutional religion.

Perhaps our problems lie in the flaws of each of us being magnified by society. Trying to make others think like us to relieve our fears through religion, or magnifying our aggression and possessiveness through militarism - these are personal flaws run out of control through creating institutions in society. Institutions extend our capabilities by combining individuals into a group, even taking us to the Moon, but they also have characteristics of their own - new converts are eager enthusiasts,  while long time members see their membership as a birthright - eventually the group becomes more important than its original goals.

We all need to function in society to survive - supplying our education, food, clothing and shelter but sometimes we grant society too much authority over us to achieve this security. That is why the Master said we must learn how to be in the world but not of it and said his kingdom was not of this world - this artificial world called society. But when we express independence, society feels threatened - and maybe it should.

Society teaches that security and purpose lies in society’s approval: position, classy clothes, fat bank account, big house, trophy spouse, etc. - And in conformity to society’s world view of oaths, creeds, doctrines and dogmas. BUT reality teaches us that control is just an illusion. The universe has no disernible purpose. If we want a purpose, we must supply our own. 

Every thing here:, grass & flowers; animals & planets; stars & galaxies - comes and goes: here today, gone tomorrow. There is no security in things. We are much freer when we shed these things, lighten our load. 

There is a famous scene in the movie: “The Mission.” A slave trader, Mendoza, tries to punish himself for killing his brother. Binding all his armor and weapons to himself in a huge bag, he tows it everywhere he goes. Oddly, he is cut free later - by those he enslaved. We too tow around baggage like Mendoza - either for security or to punish ourselves. Some of it is emotional, some is things. We cling to things such as Bibles and guns as if it will save us from reality. But there is no security there. 

[Side note: We are not punished for our sins. We are punished by them. - Elbert Hubbard]

The only security is to let go - things, grudges, anger, fear - release ourselves from these emotional chains. Don’t let these idols of society guide us. Guide ourselves instead - moving from darkness into light. 

Once we guide ourselves instead of letting society control us, we gain a freedom, an independence that is hard for society to control. It is like planting a new idea - a seed, in us - or as Jesus described it - a new birth. We shed restrictions that we formerly accepted. Now our goal becomes breaking through: shells, walls, restrictions - and growing instead of remaining in our box. We start growing again. Each time we shed a shell, break through a wall, we grow and expand. Our desire for spiritual, mental, emotional growth - whatever you call it - knows no bounds. It really is a kingdom not of this world's society. We even look forward to breaking the ultimate barrier - death. Finally, like the Master, we understand it not as a sacrifice, but a fulfillment.

When we become seeds independent of society and start growing - breaking out of our seed shell and through boundaries and walls where society says stop - each day brings new wonders - breakthroughs - and there is no end to exploration. We become the universe exploring itself. We even become sowers - planting seeds to take root in others.


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Even death is no longer a boundary because we have passed the boundary of the self. Death becomes not a sacrifice, but a fulfillment. As Eliot said:.

We shall not cease from exploration

and the end of all our exploring

will be to arrive where we started

and know the place for the first time.

                                        — T. S. Eliot

I think:
    We are seeds. and 

         We are sowers. … for a kingdom "not of this, society's world”  

                This was also one of the Master’s favorite similes.     

                       Sometimes I think I hear his laughter when I finally catch on and understand ...  

SO, How do we sail forbidden seas, — far, far beyond religion?

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A parting note: As I grew older I became aware of a process of which I am a part:

We all started out as seeds, eggs. Somewhere in our growth, we broke out of our shell.
We continue this process, breaking through shells and walls, eliminating the separation
between those close to us and 
eventually even those far away. 
Finally there is one great barrier between our growth and the universe beyond - our self. 

Many cling to the notion of the self, the I, the ME,
wanting to believe in an afterlife somewhere else.
That is a great
 barrier to our emotional and spiritual growth, 
    because life is here, now, not somewhere else, later.
We may encapsulate and borrow life for a while, but like a bird, 
eventually we must set it free and return it, not as ME or I, but as part of life everlasting.

Finaly dropping my last barrier - myself,
I have fallen in love with our mother - the universe.  - such beauty, such majesty:

pulchra es, amica mea
= you are beautiful, my beloved —  from the song of Solomon

As we part: May you live every day of your life - Gareth+


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