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We are the Explorers

1 - Second Sundays at Seven : 

Beginning Sunday July 14th
I will host a gathering at my place each month.
Check back here for more details or announcements.

See:      Contact and Map for directions
Bring: snacks and drinks
Plus:    I will bake genuine Georgia biscuits made with 
White Lily Flour !!

We will gather for ideas, snacks and drinks. We have no agenda.
No topic is forbidden. We will explore any subject:
    life, love, sex, politics, computing, religion, photography, . . . anything !!.

I have a big TV for sharing movies and music, including of course my web sites: , ,  - - etc
For games, I have recently added:
new 50” TV,  high speed wifi, iPad pro games, 
    new chess set, checkers, go boards, lotsa cards, jenga blocks, - - etc!

          . . . more here soon  . . .   stay tuned . . . I'm working on it. 

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