NEWS: 2020-01-28

The Gathering resumes - friends, fun, ideas

Second Sundays at Seven

Resuming on: March 8th, 7PM or 19:00

I host a gathering at my place each month. We have no agenda. 
No topic is forbidden. We will explore any subject:
    life, love, sex, politics, computing, religion, photography, . . . anything !!.

We are replacing what we were taught with our own ideas!!
Come, bring your ideas and share them with us.

See:      Contact and Map for directions
Bring: snacks and drinks,  plus: new ideas, some old ones also OK
Plus:    I will bake genuine Georgia biscuits made with 
White Lily Flour !!

I recently added new: jenga blocks, chess set, go boards, lotsa cards, etc
Also available: wifi, big TV with Apple TV, 
raspberry pi; etc.

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