An Atheist Sermon

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An Atheist Sermon:

jesus teaching on mountain

Rescuing Jesus - the greatest story never told

pleni sunt caeli … the heavens are full

In the next page we will study why atheists like me admire Jesus so much - Jesus the teacher,
   but before we part, I want to tell you another story, one that you are never told.

You know the first story - the party line of society’s public religion:
     - betrayal, crucifixion, gods and angels, magic and miracles, leading to cathedrals and empires
     - all the religions in those days were full of magic, resurrections, etc. - Asclepius, Osiris, Mithras

But the other story, still found in the clues, is about humanity, love and commitment: 
    - to me a much more powerful and moving story of Jesus and his students:
    - this time they returned after running from the authorities:
                through fear and failure - to risk and action,  to rescue their Master and friend.

 You decide which you think is true.

First we have to debunk a lot of Christianity, or as I call it Churchianity. 

How did it get so far off track? Changing from Jesus to Paul.

Jesus' small group … more coming ...

Diverting a small Jewish sect into a Greek mystery religion. … more coming ...

Empire !! … more coming ...


So, what really happened?  Finally, the story that churches will never tell you:

His students did learn what he taught, after all, and came to his rescue.

Jesus did not die on the cross. Some clues to this remain in the Bible: the Gospels and Acts, even after they have been corrupted and scrubbed by censors over the centuries - even in other documents disapproved of by Constantine’s Imperial Roman Christianity.

Crucifixion usually took several days to kill you, mainly by suffocation, when your legs could no longer lift you to breathe. That is why the soldiers in the gospels broke the legs of the two crucified along with Jesus, to hasten their deaths, but oddly they did not break Jesus’ legs. They did stick him with a spear and blood came out, which only happens when your heart is still beating. Since death was usually seen as the cessation of breathing in those days, they reported to Pilate that Jesus was dead. Maybe they also doped him with the sponge as told in the gospels.

And so Jesus' friends got him off the cross in a few hours instead of a few days. Joseph of Arimethea, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene and others were well connected, and could to afford bribe the officials - soldiers and priests. The gospel also says they used about a hundred pounds of Aloe and herbs - also very expensive - and put Jesus in a tomb nearby that Joseph owned.

They got him down!I It probably took all they had, even Mary Magdelene’s every last cent,
but they got him down! Now that is what the love and loyalty that Jesus taught is all about.

Jesus was seen alive later by some of his followers, according to the New Testament. Probably he was revived by the rest and aloe. I also think his friends convinced him to get out of the Roman empire. Maybe he headed East down the Silk Road, where he may have spent some time as a young man. There is even a grave in Kashmir often atributed to him.

I smile when think of him escaping 
        and living in Kashmir with Mary Magdelene, playing with their babies.

Jesus was rescued, not resurrected like Osiris or Mithras myths - no magic or miracles needed, instead: 

Jesus was revived by the love of his friends, just as he taught them.

May we all have friends like that - that come when we call.

May we all be friends like that - and come when we are called.


… more coming …                promises … promises to keep ... and miles to go before I sleep ...


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