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        Antelope Flats at Sunrise

About this site - Epilogue:

So here you have it, a panorama across what science we now know. We now realize that we actually know very little, almost nothing, and what we do know is suspect. We do know that we live in a universe that constructs particles, molecules, stars, galaxies and … life - us.

We try to understand, beholding this dazzling universe with our little monkey brains. And although our ancestors were wrong about all the myth and superstions of their religions, they were right about the majesty and splendor of this place and especially right about the experience of being a human:

 to think, to feel and to belong to each other, and to this universe.
As Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and others said:

We are not human beings having a spritual experience,
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 


About Me:

You know that little thing inside your head,
that keeps you from saying things you shouldn’t?
Yeah, I don't have one of those.

 For my opinion of organized religion, see: An Atheist Sermon

I grew up in my father's machine shop near Atlanta, which led me to study physics. Then I went on to study computing, thinking and religion. I became a scientist [physics, computing & astronomy] and also Episcopal priest.  At home, I was married with two children.

Where I grew up in the deep south - Georgia - the county prison farm was just across the road. Echoes of chain gangs and racism, slavery and lynchings still roam that land today. I could not be silent. Silence means consent. So I spoke up about our participation and endorsement of greed, racism and militarism, especially humanity’s worst cancer - war.

In reply, the so-called christians threw me, my wife and babies out on the street. So, as the Master taught, I “shook the dust off my feet” and left them - and their gods - behind. I do miss the friends and the beautiful music and places. But now I sail on - far, far beyond their religion.


About what's next:

Now I find myself on the mountainside
where the rivers change direction

across the Great Divide:


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From Kate Wolf - Across the Great Divide:

I am headed out now,
with my camera and my last saluki sighthound Tari,
to where the continental Great Divide crosses New Mexico,
on its way from the South Pole to the North Pole across our little blue planet. 


Golden Eagle soaring over New Mexico
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Sighthounds like Tari love the big spaces and high places of New Mexico and so do I.

It is the place of soaring eagles and the throbbing hearts of blazing stars.


There are places in New Mexico
where nature lifts her skirt of trees and grass
and shows you her private parts . . . 

Sky Island

It is all very beautiful and magical here, a quality which cannot be described. You have to live it and breathe it, let the sun bake you into it. The skies and the land are so enormous, and the details so precise and exquisite that wherever you go you are isolated in the world between the micro and the macro, where everything segues under you and over you and the clock stopped long ago.”

 - Ansel Adams

“I think New Mexico was the greatest experience from the outside world that I have ever had.”

 - D.H. Lawrence

“My only regret about dying is not being able to see this beautiful country anymore,
unless the Indians are right and my spirit will walk here long after I am gone”
 - Georgia O'Keefe

Wheeler Pk from Valle Vidal

Taos Mountain and Wheeler Peak, viewed  from the Valle Vidal
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Deep peace of the shining stars to you. - Gareth+

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