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Announcement 2018.08.05:
Beginning September 9, 2018, I will host a gathering at my place, 
every month on the Second Sunday at Sunset,
where we will talk of going beyond religion.

Although I hope everyone will contribute their thoughts,
I will start us off with meditations on Sentimental Stargazer.

PS: Please bring snacks and drinks. I am poor. See MAP

Kind Friends, 

This site is about how each of us can develop a new worldview 
 from the changing science of the last 500 years 
and great teachers - from Jesus to Einstein. 

In contrast, this last section is about my personal worldview. 
This is not the definitive worldview, only mine. 
May it help you realize yours.

Info About Me:

First, Contact Info and Map at right ⇒ 

Second, my scientific work is now mostly computer installations controlling factories, warehouses, scientific instruments, etc. You can read about it at GarethHarris.com 

Third, some of my story:

As a child, I grew up in my father's machine shop. This led me to study physics and computing. Then I went on to study thinking and religion. I became a scientist [physics, computing & astronomy] and parish priest [Episcopal Church].  At home, I was married with two children.

Where I grew up in the deep south - Georgia, the county prison farm was just across the road. Echoes of racism and slavery, chain gangs and lynchings still roam that land. I wanted to escape southern fundamentalism and its racism. 

Vera Hall sang this chain gang song for Alan Lomax in 1940.
I had a lot to learn as a young white boy in Georgia.
Now 77, I am still learning.

So I went across the street to TEC - The Episcopal Church. I found this to be the home of beautiful and thoughtful people, rituals and music and became a priest. I never intended to be a “meddlesome priest”. But the conflict between society's public religion and the teachings of Jesus called for someone to speak up. Jesus did not intend to found “Churchianity” to endorse society. I could not be silent. Silence means consent.

So during the Vietnam war, I spoke up about our participation in violence, wars and Imperialism. The so-called christians threw me, my wife and babies out on the street. So, as the Master taught, I “shook the dust off my feet” and left them - and their gods - behind. I do miss the friends and the beautiful music and places. But now I sail on, far, far beyond their religion.


My worldview:

Jesus, A Master Teacher

An Atheist Sermon



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