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Thinking, Talking, Computing
Long ago, I worked on the first supercomputer.
At first I thought computers were for numbers,
Then I was given the task of writing a parser.

What’s a parser? I asked.
Parsers recognize words, I was told.
And from there, the story leads into the deep space:
between thought and language.

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Meanwhile, some of my story:

I grew up in my father's machine shop near Atlanta. This led me to study physics and computing. Then I went on to study thinking and religion. I became a scientist [physics, computing & astronomy] and parish priest [Episcopal Church].  At home, I was married with two children.

Where I grew up in the deep south - Georgia - the county prison farm was just across the road. Echoes of chain gangs and racism, slavery and lynchings still roam that land. 

I could not be silent. Silence means consent. So I spoke up about our participation in violence and racism, wars and Imperialism. The so-called christians threw me, my wife and babies out on the street. 

So, as the Master taught, I “shook the dust off my feet” and left them - and their gods - behind. I do miss the friends and the beautiful music and places. But now I sail on, far, far beyond their religion.


BTW, my atheist concept of the Imitation of Christ:

1 - We can guide ourselves from within.
Instead of being guided externally by society and religion,
we can develop hearts that are filled with kindness, courage and love, like the Master. As the Bahai say:
        possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart.

2 - Where you find evil, return good.
We can be new humans, going beyond the golden rule:
Don't just balance evil with equal amounts of evil: eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Reduce the amount of evil in this world by returning good for evil. Or, in Tolstoy’s words:

 There is only one way to put an end to evil,
and that is to do good for evil.

If we don’t learn these lessons, soon, we wont be missed:

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