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Now 77 and ailing, I am headed back to the mountains of New Mexico with my camera and last saluki sighthound, Tari. I love the high places and Tari loves the big places, so New Mexico suits us.

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I grew up in my father's machine shop near Atlanta, which led me to study physics and computing. Then I went on to study thinking and religion. I became a scientist [physics, computing & astronomy] and also Episcopal priest.  At home, I was married with two children.

Where I grew up in the deep south - Georgia - the county prison farm was just across the road. Echoes of chain gangs and racism, slavery and lynchings still roam that land. 

I could not be silent. Silence means consent. So I spoke up about our participation in racism and militarism, especially the endorsement by religion. The so-called christians threw me, my wife and babies out on the street. 

So, as the Master taught, I “shook the dust off my feet” and left them - and their gods - behind. I do miss the friends and the beautiful music and places. But now I sail on, far, far beyond their religion.

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About Thinking, Talking, Computing:
Long ago, I worked on the first supercomputer.
At first I thought computers were for numbers,
Then I was given the task of writing a parser.

What’s a parser? I asked. 
Parsers recognize words, I was told.
And from there, the story leads into the deep space
between thought and language.

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As we part:

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap,
 but by the seeds you plant.
 — Robert Louis Stevenson


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